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Vegetable cream  HOPLA' SPRAY

Hopla' spray
in 250 ml is a vegetable fat-based cream that is previously whisked up and ready to use. All you have to do is shake and Hopla'!….. perfect served with fruit salad, ice cream, coffee or hot chocolate. Hopla' spray is good, but lighter than normal cream. It has a reduced cholesterol content, so that the greedy can allow themselves a little more transgression. Hoplà spray is also environmentally friendly. In fact, it does not contain ozone layer damaging propellants

Vegetable cream HOPLA'

Hopla' is the confectioners’ preferred vegetable-based cream, because it’s quick and easy to whisk up, both with an electric whisk and with a simple fork. It can be used as cream for any type of cake, both to fill and to decorate. You can add any ingredients you like to it: chocolate, milk, yoghurt, coffee, egg, mascarpone… and it’s easy to look good with Hopla'. The speed with which it can be whisked up, and the fact it keeps for such a long time, mean that you can obtain beautiful decorations also by using food colouring. Hopla' transforms every occasion into a party!

Vegetable cream DECOR UP

Decor Up : with sugar, ready to be whipped, suitable for cakes’ decoration and filling, chantilly creams preparation, mousse, frozen dessert, praline filling.
The most important advantage of Decor Up is the great overran up to 3,5 lts and it can be re-whipped.
Decor Up has a great texture and stability: the whipped cream keeps long life without collapsing and synaeresis (liquid loss)

Master Gourmet : without sugar, with milk taste note. Suitable for savoury recipes and cooking preparation. By adding sugar is suitable for patisserie preparation.
Master Gourmet once whipped has a long life without collapsing

The most traditional, tender, elegant of all our confetti. Tradition and simplicity united by the " Avola" almond and " Silver " almond by the light glaze in a right balance of testes.

Colored Cherry , caliber 22 / 24 for Pastry and Industrial use
Mixed Fruit , caliber 6 x 6
The colour is : RED , GREEN and YELLOW.

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