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The SOFIBA S.r.l. it is born the 30 January 1982 from an idea of Tommaso Peschechera that in accord with his collaborators (Francesco and Nicola) it intends to plan an activity of research and development that has as objective the to make the experience available accumulated in these years of commercial relationships.

Appointments, objectives and satisfactions:

Our appointment is that to look for, to find and to propose to our clients all the best available products to world level with quality and competitive prices.

Our objective is to offer a valid alternative in the export of all the materials not yet present on the market Libico, and in particolar way the Italian products.

Our satisfaction will be to succeed in this bet, and to do this we have need of suppliers that they will believe in our project but above all of clients / friends that the products choosing from us considered gives us the opportunity to grow and to improve together us.

Tommaso Peschechera
General Manager

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